Gables River Oaks with 55" Sunbrite Outdoor TV with Soundbar.

Gables Upper Kirby Phase III outdoor TV's back to back suspended over entertaining area.

Gables Upper Kirby Phase III 55" outdoor Sunbrite TV and soundbar.

Here's something really cool that we've added to our lineup. UNDERWATER SPEAKERS. Yes you read that correctly they are Underwater Speakers!!!

These speakers have been used for many years at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center.  The first one floats on the water, the second goes in a third party light niche and the one on the rights just hangs off a lanyard into the water.


Polk Audio Atrium Sat 30.  These speakers look very similar to the up lights used in landscaping and have a great sound.


I've had a pair of these Mariners on my own Patio for over 10 years and they still sound great.

Sonance landscape speaker systems including subwoofer.

Rockustics landscape speakers

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